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Welcome, friend! With 10+ years of experience in the event industry, I love bringing your inspiration to life and to fruition. Creating expressive and empowering event spaces has influenced my passion for interior styling and home organization. We are all on a journey, and there is beautiful form and function to be found across all areas of life. Launching and leading Sacred is birthed out of this belief. Sacred exists to create unity between you and the spaces you hold. It’s my heart to empower your sense of self through design, and it’s my hope to play a part in your journey.

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Christianna Tucker
Owner, Sacred by ChrisReneé

Hello, I'm Christianna

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This is where your dreams come to life. Create a new look and feel for your space. Signature pieces, carefully selected color palettes, and more elements celebrate a new season for you and your home.

A complete transformation...

All Things Become New

Before you have guests, you might need a guide! The purpose of this service is to guide educated purchases based on your goals for your home. From furniture to art and plants, Be Your Guide curates a list to cultivate your home aesthetic.

Be Your Guide

Imaging a new future requires letting go of the old, creating room for new possibilities to bloom. Refresh, Restart helps you begin again, purging and preparing for what’s next for you and your space.

Reset, Restart

Interior Services

Each service begins with a consultation to determine which of our services match your goals. After understanding your vision, we’ll clarify your needs, cultivate your aesthetic, and create a plan. Most importantly, we’ll have fun! There’s so much joy to experience when we embrace positive change and transformation.

Floral Services

Custom Subscription

We like pretty things! Seasonal blooms displayed in elegant vases that reflect your aesthetic are delivered to your home in this personalized service. As often as you like, cultivate curiosity and creativity at home and away. A Custom Subscription also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Event Design

Refining a vision for your space is perhaps the most powerful element of your event. The moment guests arrive, you have the power to articulate acceptance, affirmation, and anticipation. We love the opportunity to design spaces for all occasions, from your wedding, birthday and dinner parties to your organizational launches, conferences and more.

allow us to guide you...

Consistent blooms...

special occasions & more...

refresh to start again...

“The earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our floral philosophy embraces the space at which the weird and wonderful collide. Difference defines dimension and contrast increases beauty. Our floral designs spark intrigue and inspiration and elevate every space.

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What is Sacred

When we invite others into our world, we create a uniquely valuable and vulnerable space. Invitations are incredibly intimate. The spaces we share express ourselves, revealing our own unique design. 

We can create spaces that welcome others to belong, believe in a cause, celebrate, and co-create. Our spaces are opportunities for unity.

The spaces we share are sacred, set apart. Something special happens when we gather together. Sacred exists to express and empower unity in the spaces you hold; unity among guests, unity in what your heart and your habitat express, and unity with your world and within you. 

Sacred Vision

We belong. We create spaces where everyone is welcome to be our authentic selves, where everyone is safe to bring all of ourselves to the table. We are better, bolder, brighter, and more beautiful together.

We are unique. We celebrate that we are all created with a unique design. We are wired with our own wonderfully weird beauty. We celebrate and amplify the space where wonder and weirdness collide. 

We are worthy to be known. There are no stupid ideas and there are no small dreams. We listen and learn. We believe that no person or place is the same, and therefore is equally deserving of empathy and empowerment. 

Kind Words From Lovely Clients

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